TEEB Russia Webinar: “Green infrastructure and ecosystem services of the largest cities in Russia”, 29 June 2021 

The webinar presented the main results of Volume 3 of the Prototype of the National Report on Ecosystem Services of Russia, dedicated to the analysis of urban ecosystem services:

Konstantin Zhuravlev (Константин Журавлёв), Deputy Chief of Division for Work in the frame of Intergovernmental Commissions 

Welcome speech

Elena Bukvareva,
Karsten Grunevald

Introduction: Brief results and current state of the project (10 min)

Oxana Klimanova 

Assessment of urban ecosystem services in TEEB-Russia: general overview (15 min)

Oxana Klimanova, 
Olga Illarionova 

Ecosystem services of largest Russian cities: main challenges and first results of assessment at city level (15 min)

Oxana Klimanova,
Xeniya Alexandriyskaya,
Olga Illarionova, 
Eugeny Kolbowsky 

Moscow green infrastructure and ecosystem services (15 min)

Xeniya Avilova 

Biodiversity of Moscow: key problems and threats (15 min)

Lilia Sulkarnaeva 

Green infrastructure and ecosystem services of the city of Tyumen (15 min)

Eugeny Kolbowsky,
Oxana Klimanova 

Principles of managing and planning of urban green infrastructure in Russia (15 min)

Discussion and conclusion

(15 min)

Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst, Head of International Nature Conservation Germany

Closing speech